the returning of the Meeow...

Hey Ghouls and Gals,

yes, it took a long long time, but I'm back.
A lot of things happened and changed my life the last 2 years and I'm a bit startled, how fast time is running:
I had the best trip of my life last year, visited the U. S. and saw a lot of awesome places there -

- and we got married in Vegas on Halloween - it was the perfect wedding for us, just the two of us, a bit rock'n'roll, a bit offbeat, a lot of fun and the perfect time to be in Las Vegas.
The last 12 months I lost weight and I'm trying to live more healthy and sporty since then, I got some new tattoos and I had some great vacations in Paris, Britain, met some new places and friends from north to south Germany and I'm looking forward for a week at the Norfolk Broads in 6 days.
In some weeks, we will have our first wedding anniversary and I am still happy about our decision - and we made a new big step some days ago: 
We found a house and we're going to buy it and get back to the civilization after living 5 years in the middle of nowhere - I'm so excited - it's the perfect home for our family (Pat, the 3 furry kids and me) - and now we're deeply into the paper-warfare. Getting all the documents, appointments with the owners, the bank and the notary, a lot of phone calls, emails, hoping, excitement and especially plans in my head. 
The date for moving is at the end of January / the beginnig of February...
And I wanna share this journey with you - especially the DIY parts, when everything will go fine - if not, we will continue our search for a house - but everything looks like it's quite certain - so fingers crossed for us!
More to come soon ... 


  1. Klasse, dass du wieder zurück bist! Und jede Menge Bilder mitbringst :)
    Freue mich schon auf deine nächsten Beiträge!
    Liebe Grüße

    1. awwww danke, ich bin ziemlich motiviert und habe viele kreative Ideen :)

  2. Wie schön wieder von dir zu hören. Natürlich erst einmal Glückwunsch nachträglich zur Hochzeit (ich hab dieses Jahr geheiratet^^).

    1. Dankeschöööön :) und dir auch alles Liebe und Beste zur Vermählung <3

  3. Uih, so tolle Bilder!
    Und natürlich herzlichen Glückwunsch!